Sogno #1 , 2020

VALERIA SEGNA @altre500persone

video loop, 2'21''

"Stanotte l'ho sognata che mi perdonava. Mi abbracciava mentre io piangevo; mi abbracciava da dietro mentre le confessavo il mio amore per lei. Era un amore ossessivo, ossessionato, tormentato, ma l'amavo e la desideravo ardentemente.
Non la desideravo sessualmente ma bruciavo per le sue attenzioni e le sue lusinghe. " 

“Last night I dreamed about her forgiving me. She hugged me while I was crying. She hugged me from behind while I confessed my love for her. It was an obsessive and agonizing love but I longed for her and I loved her. I didn’t desire her sexually but I craved for her attention and adulation.”


MEGGIE VAN ZWIETEN @meggievanzwieten

video, 37’’

This piece investigates how digital bodies, fabrics and environments can move harmoniously and become one in an alternative virtual biodiversity. While we are slowly transferring more of our consciousness to virtual realms, it is essential to find comfort within this new nature. We are exploring the beauty of digital environments and adjusting to find balance. While we discover new forms of movement to surround us with, we can find ways to live alternatively and more sustainable.